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One line motivational quotes. Motivational quotes, Positive quotes, Success quotes

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Motivational thoughts

Life has no remote.
Get up and change it yourself.

Motivational quotes in english

Not everyone is meant to be in your future.
Some people are just passing
through to teach you lessons in life.

motivational quotes for students

You don't have a right to the cards you believe
you should have been dealt with.
You have an obligation to play the hell
out of the one you are holding.

motivational quotes for work
motivational quotes about life
motivational quotes for success

Someone who wants the best
for you is what's best for you.

daily inspirational quotes

We don't buy things with money.
We buy them with hours of our lives.

sandeep maheshwari quotes

Don't let your fear paralyze you.
The scariest path often lead to the
most exciting places.

inspirational quotes for men

Don't forget
how badly you once wanted
what you have now.

People grow and dreams change.
Giving up isn't necessarily failure.
Sometimes it just means moving
on to the next chapter.

encouraging quotes
motivational thoughts

Forgive yourself for accepting less than
you deserve.
but don't do it again.

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