Success is not accident | latest Positive quotes for whatsapp in english 2022 2023

latest Positive quotes, sad dosti status, Love quotes for whatsapp in english 2022 2023 

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latest Positive quotes for whatsapp in english 2022 2023 -

➤  The truth is that pretty words are not
      always true and true words not always pretty

➤  Put God first and you will never be last

        good night love quotes

➤  Success is not accident.
      It is hard work,
      sacrifice, Learning from 
      failure and presistence.

        morning love quotes

➤ Beauty is within.
    Beauty is not in objects,
    or people not even in the eyes of the beholder.
    It lies in the heart of every person.

        beautiful love quotes

➤ Your mind is a powerfull thing.
    when you fill it with positive
    thoughts,your life will start to change.

        falling in love quotes

➤ Life is too short to argue and fight.
    Count your blessings. LOve the friends and 
    family that are always there.

        first love quotes

➤ Strength doesn't not come from
    what you can do.
    Strenght come from overcoming the things
    you thought you couldn't

        romantic quotes for him

➤ True frineds are the one who lift
    you up when no one else has
    noticed you have falllen

        quotes about life and love

➤ Inner peace begins the moment you choose
    not to allow anither person or event to
    control your emotions

        girlfriend quotes

➤ Never lie someone who trust you,
    and never trst someone who 
    lie to you

        sad status in english

➤ Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times
    and good times. If you are going thorugh hard times 
    have faith that good times are on the way

        positive thinking quotes

➤ Kindness is language which the deaf
    can hear and the blind can see

        short positive quotes

➤ Thank you all the people who are loving
     and kind to me, thank you for the
    sunshine you bring into my life

        positive vibes quotes

➤ Always remember.
    You are beautiful,
    you are worthy,
    you are important,
    you are special,
    you are unique,
    you are talented and
    you are irreplaceable.

        self worth quotes

➤ The strongest people make time to help others,
    even when they are struggling with their
    own personal problems

        sister love quotes

➤ Everyone make mistakes in life,
    but that doesn't mena they have to pay
    for them the reat of their life.
    Sometimes good people make bad choices.
    It doesn't means they are bad.
    It means they are human.

        love quotes for wife

➤ If you focus on the hurt, you will
    continue the suffer. If you focus
    on the lesson, you will continue the grow

        inspirational love quotes

➤ Two things define uss.
    Our patience when we have noting and
    our attiude when we have everything.

        royal attitude status in english

➤ Your degree is just piece of paper
    your education is seen in your behaviour

        positive life quotes

➤ Don't educate your child to be rich.
    educate them to be happy. so when they grew
    up, they will know the value of things,
    not the price.

        one sided love quotes

➤ Respect is one of the greatest expression of love

        whatsapp status attitude

latest Positive quotes for whatsapp in english 2022 2023 -

➤ Time is precious,
    make sure you spend it with the right people

        attitude caption for boys

➤ Never be prisoner of your past,
    it was just a lesson not a life scentence.

        love quotes in english

➤ The most precious gift you can give
    someone is the gift of your time and attention

        heart touching quotes

➤ When no one believes in you,
    there will be your mon still supporting you

        attitude status in english

➤ Love your parents.
    We are so busy growing up that we often forget
    that they too are growing old

        self love quotes

➤ Don't wait until you are rich to be
    happy. happiness is free

        valentines day quotes

➤ Sometimes in life 
    we just need a hug
    no words, no advice,
    just a hug to make you feel better

        love yourself quotes

➤ Don't give chocolates, roses gifts.
    Give respect that's enough.

        love quotes for him

➤ If you are helping someone and expecting
    something in return,
    you are doing business, not kindness

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